MD TO RN ( English Version)


HIspanic Nurse Solutions no longer represents Unversity of the Sacred Heart in U.S.

All those interested in the program please contact USC directly to Admissions- Ms. Cynthia Gimenez 787-728-1515 

email: cgimenez(at)sagrado(dot)edu

Application process           


            ●    Download University- USC Admission application for Ungraduates 

            ●     Download forms W-9 fill it out, sign it and attach a copy of your Social security (only the form) 

            ●    Download Form I-9 fillsit out, sign it, and attach a copy of your immigration document. 

Even if you are an American born must present copy of passport, permanent resident.Or asylum (these forms are required)

            ●    Credential Evaluation of your certificates from the university you graduated from done by any

                   Member of  www.naces.org

             ●     Submit an essay   “Why do I want to become a Registered Nurse”. In on 11" X 14"  regular white paper and sign it.

              *    CV, curriculum, or Resume.

            ●   2 letters of recommendation  original  1 preferably from a present employer 2nd from  a colleague

                  The university also accepts local police record in lieu of second letter. .

.                 Download “Affidavit of Compliance” sign it before a notary.         

            ●     please remember how important it is to present your package neatly and professionally

       No long handed recommendation letters, or essay, or CV. Accepted..            

IMPORTANT Credential evaluation must be mailed directly  .CREDENTIALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FROM THE APPLICANT. 

University admission is not guaranteed each applicant will undergo the admissions process



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