HNS  ®  was founded in 2004 with the goal of helping foreign graduated nursing students to successfully challenge  the NCLEX-RN  ®  as a result many foreign medical graduates contacted HNS ® with their wish to enter the nursing field . As a result  HNS  ® developed affiliate nursing programs relationships  with universities in Puerto Rico thoroughly vetted by HNS ® , they  are accredited in US. by “The Middle States Commission”  and, in Puerto Rico  by “Consejo de Educacion de Puerto Rico”  assuring  their high commitment to standards in nursing education, the common goal of this liaison  is to help those that need to be educated as nurses. 

Whether you are a foreign graduated nurse  wanting  to re-enter the field HNS ®  refresher nursing program review may help meet your needs visit us at www.hnsclasses.com ,  if you are seeking to enter nursing from medicine or another related health academic related discipline  simply click on the category MD to RN-BSN to search for program description and requirements ,If you were a nurse in a foreign country make sure to check with your appropriate State Nursing Board. www.ncsbn.org/contactbon.htm to inquire what that board requires for licensure, If you  have attempted the NCLEX-RN ®  unsuccessfully passing the NCLEX , HNS ® offers the refresher/remedial course approved by the state of Florida  to help you!

Whatever your situation may be HNS ®  can help you become  a part of the fastest growing labor  field in the nation according to the U.S. bureau of Labor.


TOELF® - Prep — This exam is required by 48 of the 50 states in order to be eligible to challenge the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® it is also required for those entering any other profession or seeking to study in an American Institution of higher learning, if you are not a native English speaker you must successfully challenge the TOEFL® and HNS® has an online program that will make sure you do! 

R.N. Candidates that have failed the NCLEX-RN®  three times in the State of Florida are required to take a remedial course, HNS ® offers the remedial course approved by Florida  Depending upon the state through which you are seeking licensure HNS® may be able to help you. HNS Remedial Prep course is approved by Florida, New Mexico, NV board of nursing and many other states.




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